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Transvaginal mesh lawsuit 1 law and justice up survey in October 2013 LSI is still in third party electability. PD is also regarded as the ruling party ( the rulling party) chairperson who currently serves as president. Additionally, candidates convention that the currently booming quite interesting attention, ‘ says researcher LSI, LSI Ardian Sopa in office, Rawamangun, East Jakarta, Sunday ( 03/11/2013 ).

However, continued Ardian, the party led by SBY is not without drawbacks. PD electability declining to 9.8 percent and the bad image that the current members of political parties entangled many corruption cases have reduced the level of public trust in PD.

Participants convention is still not showing the popular candidate, while chaotic SBY vs Anas regarded as some of the shortcomings of this party, he said.

Gerindra, led by Prabowo has electability number 4. Strong funding and Prabowo popular in several surveys conducted considered the advantages of the party.

But now Transvaginal mesh lawsuit 1 law and justice electability burrs still below 10 percent. Additionally Prabowo who only wanted the candidate has the character hard making it difficult to find coalition partners, said Ardian.