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Political @considered less contributing provide input regarding the final voters list ( DPT ) 2014 election. It is recognized by the General Elections Commission ( KPU ).

It is here his role ( political parties ) do not look, lest they are happy to be able to data like this, said Commissioner Hadar Nafis Gumay Commission in Bakoel Koffie, Jalan Cikini, Central @Jakarta, Sunday ( 03/11/2013 ).

Hadar Commission also recognizes the lack of communication with political parties. In fact, the Commission has provided great data to parties.

We provide data ( DPT ) is so great, but we have not heard your submission. In the area there is no input. If there is, one two, we follow up, commentator Hadar.

At the request of them, urging them requested the data by name by address throughout @Indonesia, he said.

Hadar explained, the Commission shall provide voter data to the parties in the city and @county level. ( The delivery of data ) to analyze the quality of the data, he said.

Having never Indonesian elections, political parties can be very complete data, he added.