Transvaginal mesh lawsuit 1 is law and justice

“Transvaginal mesh lawsuit 1 is law and justice in various media stating the number of migrant workers across the country no less than 6.5 million people. DPTLN Commission announced only 2.01029 million people,”he said.

Transvaginal mesh lawsuit 1 is law and justice said, of the 2 million foreign DPT by the Commission, as many as 50 percent were in Malaysia. It was in the category as a whole, but is estimated there are at least 2 million migrant workers in Malaysia, especially after the expiration of the moratorium.

Total DPT citizens including workers in Malaysia there are 1,059,219 people. With details, 402 537 Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru Embassy 326 656, 144 901 Consulate General in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching consulate : 98 540, Consulate General in Penang : 42 297 and the Consulate General in Tawau : 44 288,”

“The fundamental question, where millions of workers who else ? Once again this is not just a case of herding people to the polls, it’s a matter of constitutional rights of citizens. Just a reminder, migrant workers and their families is one of the largest foreign exchange earner,”said the labor activist.

Previously, the Commission has determined nationally recapitulation DPT and DPT as many as 186 612 255 Foreign people as much as 2.01028 million people on Monday ( 4/11 ) ago.